‘Coming Home,’ Benny Aynick’s debut album, was released

Benny Aynick

Benny Aynick, an Indian DJ and Producer, released his new album Coming Home on all major streaming platforms. The album includes seven songs in various genres such as lo-fi, chillstep, house, and downtempo electronic.

The album is already receiving positive feedback. Although this is his debut music album, he has been working in the music industry for 7 years. He worked in the sound department of the movie business after starting out as a DJ. He also produced numerous singles in various genres and as part of his own various projects.

Benny Aynick

Bringing together his experiences and knowledge from various genres Coming Home is a one-of-a-kind album with easy-listening chillout vibes. The album is expected to be hitting the top charts in the near future.

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