Kat Alyst- She Is All About Dreamy Vibes and Mesmerizing Art

Kat Alyst

Art is a language that unites people without the use of words. Kat sought to use her passion for design and photography to captivate the world by showcasing her storylines. In 2021, it happened at the Shockboxx Gallery, when Kat once more displayed her compelling artwork that had a subliminal emotional link to her idealized life.

The Texas-based artist gained notoriety when she created her latest solo exhibition, “someone is trying to tell you something,” which sold out quickly thanks to the acclaim of art enthusiasts who lauded her work as a blend of vivid hues and bizarre conceptions of life.

Kat expertly captured enchanted motifs, ideology-based vivid colour palettes, and strokes of abstract thought for this unique subject to symbolize her paintings.

A representation of “how to disappear” blends strong internal emotions with regal and vibrant surroundings. She is dressed in a blue dress to signify the relaxing influence, with a clean pink touch to signify some playfulness. In her other painting, “Sleep Paralysis,” she tried to demonstrate how the mind may keep the gloomy reality while asleep by using a blue colour scheme. Her themes illustrate a variety of ideas, including “self-doubts, childhood traumas, and a connection between the fictional world and expensive parts of the puzzle.

Kat has proudly been featured in interviews with V Magazine and Flaunt Magazine and published online with Photo Vogue. Her other show, “Someone is Trying to Tell You Something,” is entirely devoted to open dialogues about mental health and well-being.

On her Instagram handle, she explained the concept as stated below;

“We are all who we are because of where we are from and what we’ve gone through. You’re not weird; you’re not lame; you’re 𝗡𝗢𝗧 𝗔𝗟𝗢𝗡𝗘 in your human experience. Remember to share more, love more, and most of all, embrace all that made you— you. Don’t hide if you are struggling, don’t shrink for people; stay colorful, and loud, and reach for HAPPY!ness. I love you all!!!”

This Exhibition by Kat Alyst got the world’s attention due to its relatable concept.

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