Featured: Scintillating track titled “Power” by artist Plekdrum


Jukebox Times is today featuring the new track by artist Plekdrum. It is titled Power and is a riveting number with exquisite transitions. The single starts with an alluring intro and power-packed beats. The thumping tones are quite rigorous that totally cajoles us into listening to this track. The reverberating arrangement is certainly unique and something which we haven’t heard for a long time in the musical realm.

The melodic tonality is ingrained in an innovative manner so as to create a thriving yet unique sonic structure. The harmonical progression is brilliant which is laden with integrated voice nuances that are definitely hard to recreate! Captivating and enigmatic, Power is truly a musical extravaganza. And therefore Jukebox Times highly recommends this single.

Power is now streaming on Spotify.

About the artist: Dan Lloyd aka Plekdrum is a Cardiff based garage and house Producer and DJ. He also runs a record label called down & out records and would be releasing tracks from new artists in 2023.

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