Book recommendation: Killer Clones by WLVE (welove)

WLVE Killer Clones

Jukebox Times is today featuring WLVE (welove) new book. It is titled Killer Clones and is now available on Amazon!

Born and raised in Cameroon, I grew up fantasizing about sci-fi and voraciously reading comics. After high school, I studied Physics and earned an undergrad, with the dream to become an astrophysicist. But in my early 20s, I moved to Italy and studied electrical engineering. I then worked in the tech industry for a few years, before jumping at a job opportunity and moving to the USA in my 30s. It’s been over 10 years now. In early 2021, I decided to dedicate time and resources to what had always been a great passion of mine, sci-fi. So, I started working to bring to life my first book. I’m very excited to share “Killer Clones” with everyone. – WLVE.

Official Amazon book listing link: Killer Clones

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