Featured: The Coltens’ stunning new EP “Live in the now”

The Coltens

Jukebox Times is today sharing an exclusive piece of news about The Coltens. Known for their songs Wana Fly? and Grave Digger the band has recently released their new EP. It is titled Live in the now and comprises tracks Without a doubt, Layla, Runaway Sunday and many more riveting songs. The album starts with Without a doubt which sets the overall tone for the album. The song has exquisite guitars, splendid rhythms and surreal vocals! Layla (our favorite!) is a sublime track with mesmerizing vocals. The melodic tones are sprinkled concisely so as to evoke a distinct vibe. The transitions are amazing and cajoles our attention towards it.

What really allured us in Live in the now is its sonic variety. Although one can easily label this EP into a specific genre but in reality it is an amalgamation of evocative creativity with stunning experimentation. And this in itself is a rarity in the musical realm these days!

Live in the now is now streaming on all major music streaming platforms.

About the band: The Coltens have the tonal mashup of 90’s abrasive rock with 2020’s indie crowd pleasers, a real Manchester feel. With extreme guitar solos and catchy tunes, they are one of those bands you never knew you needed or appreciated until they were put in front of you to enjoy.

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