Angelic Soul Ballad “Find Our Way Home” From Artist Kay Mogul Awes and Inspires As Spotify Streams Climb

Kay Mogul

Powerhouse singer and artist Kay Mogul has released an amazing new single, “Find Our Way Home.”

The song, released on October 14th, 2022, is a timeless and inspirational ballad about finding our way to where we need to be to thrive and live life to its fullest, and doing it with love. It also reminds us that we never know when the end of our days will come, and to appreciate life and to be in the moment.

Kay Mogul was working on this epic song for a while, and the work shows. When she came across the music, she immediately knew it needed lyrics similar to the music: simple, peaceful, yet powerful and moving. It didn’t come to her immediately. “The first line was actually ‘We flow like the water,’ and ‘We won’t be here for too long.’ I kept hearing it over and over again. And it made me think of the saying ‘You’ll never put your feet in the same river twice.’ So I meditated on the beat for a while to let the words fill themselves out.” says Kay Mogul about the writing process.

Kay is taking a chance on love in her new music, taking a risk with a kind of song that doesn’t run the radio right now, but is still so important.

Kay Mogul has several upcoming single releases planned, including the “Find Our Way Home” remix by Harry Beats that is due out mid-Winter. Visit Kay Mogul on all major social media and music retailers, including Spotify which is linked below.

Keep an eye out for this rising phoenix.

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