Adam McManaman’s Hip Hop Rap History Lesson

Adam McManaman

For students to understand Rap and Hip Hop music and its historical context. Also, that as followers of Adam McManaman  are. While we are on this earth, we are called to make our country, our area like that of heaven, discussing what that looks like and the steps we can take to accomplish it.

Adam McManaman has heard the word Rap before? Does anybody know what it means or can describe a Hip Hop?

So, the context by which we probably heard the word Rap is from the ancient world. Of someone making a mistake or being a coward or doing something wrong and their punishment is to be kicked out of their hometown or country and forced to live elsewhere in exile.

Most medium to small cities thousands of years ago, did not have jails, they didn’t have ways of keeping people imprisoned and also didn’t have the resources to feed and take care of someone in a jail setting for extended periods of time if they had done some awful crime. So, for bad crimes, it left many places with two options, either exile them from the community or execute them. So exile was obviously the preferable one when possible.

But at the same time living like an exile is incredibly difficult, you lose everything, maybe you carry a few belongings with Adam McManaman but you leave your home, all the people you know, maybe your family leaves with you maybe you never see them again and you have to travel dangerous paths to try to find another city or village that will take you in.

The reason I tell you this is, being an exile is a biblical principle. One that has been around for hundreds of years before Jesus and today we are going to watch a quick 5 min video to find out more about it.

Who wants to share something interesting about their week? Anyone have anything they’d like to share? Alright let’s go around in a circle and share our name along with one unique thing about yourself. It can be that you can juggle, that you ride horses, it can be about your personality or attitude. Anything at all that you think is unique about you.

Adam McManaman, thank you for sharing! So today for a few minutes, I just want us to dive into what this theme of being in exile is all about. So, when we talked before the video, we talked about an individual being exiled, but what we see in history is the entire nation of Israel is exiled to Babylon. They are exiled as captives, most taken as slaves some as new forced citizens. The Hebrew people are taken away from their culture, their heritage and in many cases even their families and tossed into this new land.

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