Recommended reading: ‘The White Dove’ by James Young

James Young The White Dove

Jukebox Times is today recommending a new book by author James Young. It is titled The White Dove.

About the book: A single, capable man of his forties Steve, the protagonist, finds himself dropped off in a Government assisted living house. With many valuable amenities and a good environment but very little money, Steve pushes himself to bolster his vacation. On his climb to a better career, see Steve’s growth, a slight mishap, and analyze which story character whodunnit…

About the author: James Young was raised in Westchester, New York and attended the University of Vermont. He Graduated and AGR and lived in Grimbsy England for a while on working Visa. He is a single, insurance professional and presently lives on Long island.

The book can be ordered from here!

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