Stream Alto’s (altocleftv) new single “Wasting my time” now!


Jukebox Times is today featuring artist Alto’s new single. It is titled Wasting my time and is a riveting number with exquisite tonality. The scintillating aspect of the single lies in its distinct tonality and reverberating bass. The enthralling composition certainly has that peculiar arrangement where the listener is mesmerized into listening the song on a loop mode (and albeit we did that too!).

Wasting my time is quite different compared to Alto’s another well-known song Fucked Up. However, the sonic structure he uses are pretty much similar in both the tracks whereas the varied tones are extremely divergent yet fuses the melody quite well!

The single is now streaming on Spotify.

About the artist: Alto (altocleftv) is an independent artist who is from South Korea. He is currently based in New York City and is an aspiring rapper!

Follow the artist on his official social media for updates about future releases:


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