Producer of Ukrainian Band Machete Announced Plans to Enter U.S. Market, Acquire Record Label

Mikhail Peleg

Music Nerd Studios recently spoke with entrepreneur and music producer Mikhail Peleg who is known for his work with popular Ukrainian band Machete. Peleg opened up about his plans to enter the U.S. music production market and even acquire a new studio and launch a record label in the U.S.

Currently residing in Zurich, Switzerland, where he heads a financial services firm, Mikhail Peleg is planning to focus more of his creative energy in the coming years on music production. The producer told us he had been contemplating this for the past two years and feels that the time might be just right to get back to making music.

Peleg has developed a reputation in the music industry for his work with Russian and Ukrainian artists, including Machete. He began his music production career working with artists he already knew, but gradually, he expanded his roster to a broader range of musicians, mostly through word-of-mouth referrals.

Then, the global coronavirus pandemic forced many artists and record labels to hunker down as they could no longer survive on revenues from live shows. Mikhail Peleg says he used that break to focus on his other enterprises. This turned out to be the right move. Business for his financial services company took off, and now he is able to reinvest this money into music.

Peleg didn’t reveal what the new label name would be but said he had already found several available music studios in the U.S. and plans to acquire one of them. The new label will provide distribution, marketing, and other music production services. Peleg said he plans to hit the ground running with the upcoming release of the highly anticipated new album by Machete.

You can read more about the latest news from Machete and its front man Yaroslav Malyy in our previous interview here.

While not a musician himself, Mikhail Peleg has always been very passionate about the industry. Over the years, he helped dozens of artists start their successful careers by investing in their talent. Peleg hopes that the new record label will enable him to help even more talented musicians, but this time, in the United States.

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