Moxie Michaels’ scintillating new single “Serial Killer”

Moxie Michaels

Jukebox Times is today featuring artist Moxie Michaels’ new single. It is titled Serial Killer and is a stunning track with an exquisite vibe. Known for his alluring compositions, the artist seems to have embarked on a different trajectory albeit dipping into Alt-Rock genre in this case. The intro is riveting and cajoles us into this single right away. The arrangement is wonderful and showcases the creativity ingrained in the artist. And add to that the Moxie Michaels signature style that we heard in Boys or OMG is certainly present in Serial Killer too! Truly the breathtaking aspect lies in his powerful vocals and the splendid nuances that he does through his voice. The melodic tones are thrilling and keeps us captivated throughout the entirety of the song.

Serial Killer is now streaming on Spotify.


About the artist: Moxie Michaels is a 27 year old Independent Artist from New Jersey. After writing songs at a young age, this artist went on to perform in various nightlife settings and eventually began writing/recording his own music. ‘Serial Killer’ his most recent release and debut into the Alternative Rock Genre, gained attention on SoundCloud and debuted on College Radio Charts. Michaels’ deliciously disturbing vocals paired with grit and grunge guitar riffs that are reminiscent to bands we probably haven’t heard since the 90’s or early 00’s. Churning out singles, Moxie gives listeners not only a sense of nostalgia, but leaving them wanting to know more. Moxie Michaels is definitely one to watch.

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