Janette Lart’s new Romance has just been published

Janette Lart

The literary genre Romance is not always a romantic fairy tale.

Janette Lart’s paperback “Among Petals and Thorns” does not tell the story of a heroine rescued by a hero, and it certainly does not have a female antagonist. It is not a sappy fairy tale reserved exclusively for a female audience. Although the novel’s style is simple but neat, not at all pompous, it lends itself to a smooth reading, woven from simple verse, realistic character descriptions, essential dialogue, continuous reflections and inner monologues, which drive the narrative more than the plot structure itself. It is the characters who create the story with their relationships, personalities, and aspirations for the realization of their future.

First runner-up in the R for Romance 2021 literary contest for best female protagonist with the title “Even Cacti Have Petals”, tells of Maria, a florist, passionate about her work which she carries on with determination even in the time of the pandemic and lockdown. She is helped in the store by a group of young college students. Their friendship with each other will help them solve problems surfacing from the past, encourage job aspirations after their studies.

Janette Lart Among Petals and Thorns

There is no shortage of romantic scenes, chivalry, and romantic relationships, revolving around the other characters.

It is a gentle narrative, framed by the flowers that mark the highlights of human existence. It is about romance, but also about stalking, careers for women, friendship, and human values.

As the author, herself says, “It is a somewhat poetic novel, therefore also philosophical in that it refers to a ‘different reading of reality, without describing it, but evoking it,” the novel is anything but superficial.

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