Featured: Indie duo Mei Anima release their second EP!

Mei Anima

Jukebox Times is today featuring Mei Anima! (may-a-knee-ma) an indie duo from Vancouver BC! They have just released our second EP and it seems the duo is super excited about it! The songs were written a little while back when life wasn’t so hot but now the duo are back on top!

Mei Anima takes a look back in time. Things were a little rocky and the winter brought that wholesome lovely depression that we all know too well. Dark clouds hung over the two young fellows as their negative thoughts gripped a stronghold. lethargic, unmotivated. The duo jotted down what was on their mind during these times and made something lovely out of something not so lovely. That’s what life’s all about. Ride the ups, feel the downs.

Intricating the ever so precious balance of the daily rat race. Look to the sky and you will see the light.

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