Featured: Artist Element of 8’s mesmerizing music!

Element of 8

Jukebox Times is today featuring artist Element of 8’s sublime tracks Everyday Miracles and Inspired. Known for the distinct music, the artist has recently released two alluring tracks for music lovers. Everyday Miracles starts with a euphoric vibe. The intro is breathtaking that has a discrete tonality. And what captivated us are the brilliant synth sounds that are intermixed quite well with the exquisite beats. The cascading transitions are sprinkled quite majestically so as to allure the listener into an unconventional zone. Another marvelous track Inspired has an enchanting melodic tone. The subdued structure that keeps us engraved to this track is innovative and in fact, showcases his vibrant audacity to break the barriers of conventional genres!

With such genre-blending sounds, it seems music lovers would await more releases from the artist. Keep an eye on Element of 8’s official YouTube channel for updates about new releases!

About the artist: Element of 8 is currently based in Poland and has been into EDM music for the past 10 years. He started publishing his music in 2022 and has been releasing subsequent tracks online.

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