Creator of 3amAlexander Kareem Chenheu releases “TM2L4” to much to live four !

Kareem Chenheu

Jukebox Times is today featuring the new single by artist Kareem Chenheu. It is titled TM2L4 and is a captivating musical extravaganza. The intro starts with fascinating synth sounds and a powerful voice sample and then the vocals by Kareem take us on a stunning journey. The riveting blend of beats and the vocals impart an ethereal vibe. The arrangement itself is distinct and enthralling too.

However, the unique aspect of this single is Kareem’s tonal range and voice texture. It is brilliant and sounds alluring due to his fascinating delivery. The raw, subtle and beguiling vocals invigorates us. The melodic tones are certainly appealing. It seems Kareem is slowly carving a niche of his own with his unconventional yet creative mixture of melodies and harmonies that are quite unique!

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