Check out artist J. Cash The King’s new EP “Acrimony” (Explicit Content)

J. Cash The King

Jukebox Times is today featuring J. Cash The King’s new EP. It is titled Acrimony and comprises tracks titled Lay Low, Pull Up, Cash Forever, Wasted and many more phenomenal songs. Lay Low has a pretty laid back vibe as the title itself suggests. The mellow beats with reverberating bass certainly allures the listener. Pull Up is another marvelous track from the album. With cascading melodic tones and refreshing arrangement, the single provides a distinct glimpse of the artistic talent of J. Cash The King. The delivery is sublime and his flow is unconventional – a rarity!

With compositions the cajoles us, beats that are power packed with unique tonality and vocals that captivates us, Acrimony is a wonderful EP. Overall, compared to his EP 4th Quarter, J. Cash The King has stupendously embarked on a very different creative trajectory in his new EP. And thus the result is a different sound that portrays the creativity ingrained in the artist.

The EP is currently streaming on YouTube and Spotify.


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