Bhashitha Adithya On Fire With His Skills and Performance!

Bhashitha Adithya

He is the Youth Musical Personal Brand of Sri Lanka “Bhashitha Adithya Vidanagamachchi” better known as “Bhashitha Adithya” is one of the most successful famous Music Producer and a certified artist based in Sri Lanka. He is one of the emerging artists today in the country.

His Songs 

  1. Time Up Now
  2. Take This
  3. Elysium
  4. Mars
  5. Kalas Baras
  6. Toxi Clubie

We set up an exclusive blog interview with him to ask some unique questions about his vision.

Q. Who are you really?

My full name is Bhashitha Adithya Vidanagamachchi. People call me as Bhashitha Adithya In short, I’m 21-year-old Musical Artist and Web Developer and got many more.

Q. Why did you use your real name for Stage Name?

Because I want to see my own name come to a big place one day in the future. That is why I do not use any other stage name. Mainly I need to make my name a brand name to the world.

Q. What are your Musical Genres?

Electronic & Dance Music. Go ahead with the Progressive House and Electro House that I like the most.

Q. How did your musical journey begin? What is the reason?

It’s an untold story! Some things are hard to say. Anyway, I was inspired by Ed Sheeran.

Q. Does that mean Ed Sheeran is your favorite music producer?

Definitely, not only that, he’s my hero! The second favorite Music Producer is Shawn Mendes and the third one is Marshmello (American DJ).

Q. Well, what are your future prospects?

Musically I have some main expectations.

  1. Being the best Music Composer in Sri Lanka.
  2. Make my name a Brand Name to the world (Bhashitha Adithya).
  3. Collaboration with Ed Sheeran.
  4. Make Sri Lanka proud by making some International Music.

Q. Okay, And Are you working as a Social Media Consultant?

Absolutely yes! I am working as a Social Media Consultant in a few Companies. Anyone can contact me for a Social Media Consultant! Contact me on Facebook for more.

Q. Who do you see as the good Music Composer in Sri Lanka?

Bhashitha Adithya (me) is the best I’ve ever seen up to now. But, there are many talented artists in my country. Many Friendly Upcoming Artists work with me and Dilum Sandamal Fernando and Vihanga Dias are few of them.

Q. What do you hope to do next?

My hope is to create good vibes and move forward.

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