Veterinarians recommend the Miaustore cat fountain

Miaustore cat fountain

It is important for your furry friend’s health and well-being that they have access to an adequate and suitable water source. “Not only from a physical health perspective, in terms of ensuring sufficient water intake in cats prone to renal and lower urinary tract disease, but also in terms of emotional health by ensuring that the desire-seeking motivation to obtain access to water is fulfilled” Dr. Sarah Heath, RCVS and EBVS® European Veterinary Specialist in Behavioural Medicine.

Miaustore’s cat water fountain is not only a fun design for your pet and home but is also beneficial towards your cat’s health. The Miaustore’s water fountain has three wide square drinking areas that fully fill with moving water to the brim. This design helps the cats see the water level better making them more confident and encouraging them to drink more. The wide water pools are a definite advantage for wide-faced breeds like the Persians, allowing them to drink more comfortably. Since the water pools fill to the top, this allows cats to drink from the top of the bowl without their whiskers or faces getting wet.

Wide pools also provide a larger surface area for mixing the flowing water with oxygen. This keeps the water fresh and better tasting. The Miaustore cat water fountain has a multilevel design with bowls at different heights. This is good for senior, arthritic cats as they are not required to crouch to be able to drink. Multilevel water pools also give a cat a choice where to drink and are suitable for a multi-cat household allowing them all to drink at the same time.” Says Dr. Rachel Po. The different drinking heights also make this water fountain “Ideal for younger and older cats “ said Cat Behaviourist Coby Malogrino.

On top of this the Miaustore cat water fountain also has numerous other benefits, including.

Miaustore Cat Water Fountain

Being made of ceramic material.

Plastic water containers should be avoided. It would be best to choose a ceramic water fountain over plastic as plastic can quickly become scratched, and these scratches can harbor bacteria. Cats are prone to a condition called feline acne, which results from encountering the bacteria that can lurk unseen in scratches on plastic water and feed bowls. This is an unpleasant and distressing condition for your cat that requires a visit to the vet. Veterinaria Natural Alma Vegana SL states that “unlike plastic or aluminum fountains, the ceramic material is not causing feline acne.” As stated by Veterinarian TAP Grille, “ceramic material is also 100% non-toxic for cats.”

The Miaustore cat water fountain encourages cats to drink enough water.

Did you know your feline friend prefers to drink running water rather than stagnant water? In nature, stagnant water from ponds and puddles is almost always polluted and contaminated, so cats have an instinctive aversion to stagnant water. Cats have a sense of smell two times stronger than humans and therefore, they can smell the bacteria and germs in the stagnant water and do not want to drink from it even if they might need the water urgently. I mean would you drink a glass of water that you left on the kitchen floor for a week? Your cat doesn’t want too either.

Hence, many cats that only have one still bowl available to them don’t drink enough water. Unfortunately, this can cause kidney failure, a condition that, according to Dr. Maria Del Carmen Vicente, occurs “quite frequently in pathology.” Dr. Maria also stated that “Its ceramic material is ideal for keeping the water at a perfect temperature. Ideal for stimulating the consumption of water in older cats, which is of vital importance to prevent and stop kidney failure.”

Veterinarian and Cat Behaviourist Sonja Van Straten says that “as a veterinarian, I cannot state more that we have to stimulate cats to drink and using a water fountain like the Miaustore fountain is of great help.”

Miaustore Cat Water Fountain

Practically noiseless

Thanks to their unique pumping system, the Miaustore fountain is practically noiseless. However, if you want, you can adjust the power to create a gentle lapping sound.” The silent pump makes Miaustores drinking fountain attractive for a cat to drink (more) water” Dr. Linda Hagedoon, Veterinarian. This is because a noisy pump can not only irritate you, but it can also scare the cat away from their water bowl. Thus, making the soundless pump of the Miaustore cat water fountain beneficial for yourself and your cat.

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