Austin Seltzer: A scintillating mixing and mastering engineer!

Austin Seltzer

Jukebox Times today features renowned mixing and mastering engineer Austin Seltzer from Seltzer Sounds. With riveting tracks in his discography such as War, Guilty, Bad Thing the artist is all set with new releases that dropped recently on major music streaming services. We got a special sneak peek into the tracks he has mixed and mastered and were amazed by the spectacular tonality he has brought forth. His work showcases a true mastery over tuning the varied frequencies and making the track appear balanced (albeit in every aspect!). The structural nature of the tracks Guilty, Bad Thing, SEXYCRY by Ally Ahern, and Gas Station Bouquet by Naia Lika (his recent two releases) are unconventional yet he imposes his trademark styling over all of them.

A task that is technical yet blending the creative aspects of music into it is not easy per se! However, Austin Seltzer skilfully integrates all the nitty gritty dynamic disparity of the tracks and makes it alluring altogether.

Tracks mixed and mastered by him are now streaming on Spotify.

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