Why people buy original art?

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In the 21st century, many artists are using the same themes and colors in life drawing paintings; some scholars contend that the artwork created in the modern era is not as creative as it used to be. However, there is still a rush in the art market and people are busy buying the original artworks. There are many factors that motivate people to buy an original piece of art. Some of these factors are personal and change from individual to individual. On the other hand, some factors act as universal motivators and inspire people from across the globe to buy original paintings.

Imitating the style of our favorite celebrities

Sometimes we want to decorate our homes with original art in order to follow the steps of someone we admire. For example, David bowie, Madonna and Lady gaga are among the few singers who are vivid art collectors. If we love any one of them, we are likely to buy art for ourselves. Some people who can not afford the original artworks, buy reproductions of the original work in order to follow the footsteps of their favorite celebrity or an ideal person.

The galleries of the rich

All around the world, the rich people love to buy art and display it in galleries like GaleryToday. They find it and sometimes put their names to think of some of the most famous galleries in the world like the Guggenheim Museum or the J. Paul Getty Museum. The founders of these museums did not make their fortunes in art but instead Solomon Guggenheim made his name in mining and John Paul Getty made his name in oil. When they became rich, art started to attract them. In some cases, there are very specific benefits of founding art galleries where self-interest plays a big part. For example, when the rich people set up an art gallery in China, it is because this practice get them approval for real estate deals.

Love for the culture

People’s love for original art does not depend on where they are from. The practice of buying original artworks is not limited to a culture or country lines. However, people often tend to buy something that represents their heritage, even the painting for sale is a canvas art like VirgilGallery. For example, Beyoncé is a big collector of works done by African-American artists because they reflect the African-American experience. Carrie James and David Hammons are some other examples who show that the love of culture is a big motivation for buying original paintings.


Many art enthusiasts enjoy the original  art pieces of a particular style. There is only one version of an original piece of art or a painting, which makes it rare. Similarly, galleries usually have only original pieces of unique art for sale. People buy original art out of their love for it or because of other factors. Some of the other factors include the motivation attained from an ideal person, having excess of money and the love for culture.

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