Top 10 Artists – Jukebox Times 2021 Annual Music Contest!

Jukebox Times is finally revealing the Top 10 artists for the year 2021. A lot of you have been waiting for this for so long (we can attest this from the number of emails and queries we have received!). These artists have been selected from a pool of more than 500 individuals and groups whose music we reviewed or published on our platform (includes our subsidiary magazine too) in the year 2021.

The first stage consisted of selecting a pool of 100 artists and then based on internal voting and the amount of exposure the artist received on our platform and the reviews received from our readers we selected Top 24. After another round of selection and fine-tuning the list we have finally received the list of Top 10 artists for the year 2021.

Get a cup of coffee, put on your earphones or headphones, or in whatever mode you prefer to listen to the music and experience the artistic panorama of these talented individuals. In short, sit back and engross yourself with these stunning artists and their music!

And guess what? We won’t share any other details about the artist apart from their name, music streaming link and official social media link. New readers will have to explore the artist and their music by themselves!

The numbers do not denote the order of the list. All artists are number 1 for us!

10. Jonny Spalding for Mixtape Community

Official Instagram: Jonny Spalding

9. Mark Imperial for his single Heartbreaker

Official Instagram: Mark Imperial

8. Ayo Kia for her album Before I Go

Official Instagram: Ayo Kia

7. Rory Gillanders for his EP Wilderness

Official Instagram: Rory Gillanders

6. Indie rock band Recognizer for their album This Conversation Is Echolocation

Official Instagram: Recognizer

5. Dr Optimiser for the album A Novel Way To Spend An Hour

Official Twitter: Dr Optimiser

4. Richard Tyler Epperson for his EP Another Day

Official Instagram: Richard Tyler Epperson

3. Parres Dìor for her single Something New

Official Instagram: Parres Dìor

2. Big O for his LP The Mind’s Mirror

Official Instagram: Big O

1. Our Readers i.e. YOU!

Our dear readers due to your support and love we are able to give these wonderful artists a platform to showcase their music and share it with the world. So you are also one of our Top 10 artists of 2021. Pat yourself for making our website one of the best indie music and art sources for artists!

With this, we conclude our list and give a huge round of applause to all the artists who were on our list.

To all the artists: “Keep creating, keep sharing, and spread your art and creativity in this boundless universe! Gear yourself and make some noise for 2022!!!”

“The only truth is Music.” – Jack Kerouac.

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Have a wonderful 2022!!!

Image Courtesy: Ashley Byrd.


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