New Zealand Artist George Pham drops anticipated album titled ‘VISION’

After months of announcements and promotion, George Pham released his awaited new EP coming to the close of 2021. The EP  titled ‘VISION’ features two songs titled ‘ ‘Vision’ (A Third Eye)’ and ‘’Vision’ (A Psychedelic)’ the EP released on December 20.

2021’s final music releases are quickly coming to an end. These are the best times for artists because they promote a send-off or an ending celebratory song or album for 2021, and a fresh beginning for a new year of tunes and creativity coming forward! George Pham’s new EP titled ‘VISION’ stands out as a unique combination of new ideas and creative standpoints, as the artists motive was to produce a new and improved style of his past modern lo-fi hip-hop music.

The EP starts with “Vision” (A Third Eye). The track features spoken word backed by beautiful piano parts and drums that are well saturated. The difference in the keys is outstanding, giving an old/vintage vibe to the mix. The second song, “Vision (A Psychedelic)” is also a powerful and creative mix, combining more spoken dialogue with backing synthesizer and added piano parts. The drums kick in soon after the spoken intro, accompanied by a lot of reverb on the snare, allowing for more ambience and a deeper and clearer dimension of sound.

You can find George on the links below and listen to “VISION”. This release is available on Spotify and other major music platforms.


Instagram: @georgephamm

Twitter: @georgephamm

TikTok: @georgephamm

Official website:

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