Music With A Message: Larry Mindel’s New Single ‘Okarito Ways’

Larry Mindel

Larry Mindel is a passionate musical storyteller with a very unique tone. His sound is fresh and spontaneous, and it feels incredibly appealing and relatable, particularly because of the way in which the artist is able to balance clever and personal songwriting with some amazing creative kooks that help the music stand out. An example? Look for his most recent release, Okarito Ways.

The particular message behind this new single from Mindel is a poignant one indeed. The artist is using music as a platform to raise awareness of the fragility of nature, and in particular of Ōkārito Lagoon, which – with its associated waterways – connects the Southern Alps of the West Coast of New Zealand to the Tasman Sea.

This is the kind of music that immediately stands out. It has a familiar element to it, given the fact that it has roots in folk, indie-rock, alternative and jazz music with a super smooth vibe. However, Larry’s approach escapes easy categorisations, always a good sign of something extra-ordinary. Listen out for the charming samples of bird song and sounds of nature too at the track’s opening! Wetlands are home to an abundance of unique wildlife such as Ōkārito’s signature bird, the beautiful Kotuku – the Great White Heron (see the artwork for this release).

We’ll leave you with some of this single’s beautifully colourful lyrics:

Great White Heron drifts away

As a soft Okarito morning

Turns to a still Okarito day

Lazy Okarito ways”

Watch the perfect visual accompaniment to the single here – the music video for ‘Okarito Ways’: 

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