Listen to Lisa May’s new song “SHEHULKKK”

Lisa May

Georgian/Greek singer-songwriter Maya Anna Utrugashvili, aka Lisa May finally returned with a new song on Friday, a diss track called “SHEHULKKK.”

“I dedicate this song to all the gold diggers out there who got no love inside ‘em, men and women. Nowadays love is so underrated. You try to love somebody and the next thing you know, they’re using you. That’s why we all gotta be careful in this generation, I ain’t tryna be used, I just wanna be loved and to love.” Explains Lisa via Instagram stories. – “This is a new era, this is the new me, and I am unapologetic. They loved it when I was vulnerable and easy to take advantage of, but now I’m a bad b*tch nobody can hurt anymore, the baddest b*tch in town who knows her worth.”

Lisa May debuted with “Morning In Love” in 2013. Followed by her self-titled debut EP was released in 2015. She released her debut album “Countless” in 2016 and her second album “Lili and The Broken Hearts Club” in 2021.

Lisa May Shehulkkk

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