Kenya Jade Releases ‘Take it Slow’ featuring July

Kenya Jade

Kenya Jade released her newest single titled ‘Take it Slow’ featuring July.

The Toronto-based R&B artist returns with a smooth and sultry feel, layering in the storytelling of July, also a Toronto native, contemporary rapper and songwriter. Kenya Jade comes back strong after her last single “Don’t Come Back”, released back in 2020.

“Take It Slow” is the self love anthem. For too long have I been looking to be seen and for the ability to heal, in others”, says Kenya. “This song rings loudly that by myself, for myself and from within myself I will love”.

Kenya Jade’s listeners are quite familiar with her captivating live performances. She recently headlined her very first sold out all-female showcase in Toronto, hosted by Kenya and To Be Famed Later. Moving forward – she plans to release a number of projects throughout the coming year.

“Take it Slow” is out now on Spotify and other digital streaming platforms

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About Kenya Jade:

Kenya inherited music from both sides of her family. Her mother is Filipina and “you simply can’t be from the Philippines and not sing” she laughs. Her father is Belizean and was a professional reggae musician. She reminisces on the classical sounds of Gregory Isaacs, Prince and Janis Joplin which filled their home on Sunday mornings.

At a young age, Kenya started writing as a tool for understanding and healing. This naturally developed into putting words to melodies and she quickly understood how effective music could be in supporting her creative expression. She is a storyteller, poet and philosopher. “I make music because it breathes life into my words,” she explains.

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