Important Tips For Hosting A Party from Premier Glow

Important Tips For Hosting A Party from Premier Glow

Just Invite Your Guests

Your house may not be the perfect venue to host a party. For example, you may not have enough chairs to seat everyone, your bathroom might be boring or ugly, or have a toilet with a handle that doesn’t work. But you should remember that more than 99% of your guests won’t even notice most of these things. They enjoy being invited to a party by someone they love. In fact, most of your guests won’t care about how your house looks like or whether they have to sit in a kitchen chair. On the other hand, if they do care, who wants to invite them over anyway?

Don’t Complicate The Issue

Use Evite to send the party invitations to your guests, and order takeout for dinner. If it’s stressful to mop the floor, don’t bother doing it. In fact, you should feel free to do whatever it’s that makes organizing your party less stressful. No one else will notice what you do. Hence, don’t overcomplicate the issue when hosting a party.


Every guest likes food. Unless it’s a hunger strike, you should include some food items in your party. Even if you have only a bag of chips in a bowl, your guests will love it. If you have to cut yourself slack on everything else, go ahead and do so. But make sure you focus on one thing for your party – which is good food.

Every Pinterest party that I know of has one trillion of amazing details to focus on. But who cares? I pick only one thing to focus on – whether it is food (like at our s’mores party), activities (like the Mission Impossible party), or decorations (like at the Pampers party). It helps make everything else easy. For example, serious decorations? No activities, or Big activity? Easy food. Don’t try to stress yourself out trying to make everything look amazing.

Use Paper Products

I know that Pinterest users might be gasping in horror when I decide to use paper products for my party. It may not be the best for the environment, but the entire party can be cleaned up within five minutes after the last guest leaves when you use paper products. I really feel happy that I decided to host the party, and there are numerous paper products available in the market today. So, don’t forget to use paper products for your party to relieve a good deal of the pressure involved in cleaning up the party site after the last guest leaves the scene.

Focus On Big Impact Items

No one will take notice of your baseboards. I prefer to vacuum the place and clean up the bathroom since these are the most noticeable places in my house. In fact, I don’t worry about the rest of the cleaning when hosting a party. I prepare one or two great food items and fill them in with low-key items such as chips, fruits, dip, water, etc. In fact, you will never have the money, energy, and time to do every single thing when hosting the party. Hence, why should you waste your precious time on the things that no one notices?

A Few Small Details Will Make A Big Difference

A bouquet of flowers, some balloons, fun glow props from Premier Glow and some cute paper straws will go a long way when hosting a party. They are quite inexpensive but show that you went through a lot to organize a good party for your guests.

Crank Up The Air Conditioner

There is nothing worse than knowing that you are melting into the carpet at a party. Most hosts turn the AC down about 4-5 degrees lower than normal for parties. But you should make sure to crank up the AC to suit the temperature levels inside the house if you are hosting the party during the summer months.

Invite The Right People

Make sure everyone has someone to talk to at your party venue. Make sure you invite the right people to your event and no one is embarrassed or lonely at the party.

 Get Help

If your guests promise to bring a side dish or a stack of paper plates for the party, take them up on it. Getting help from other people is a good thing when you are hosting a party.


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