Hip Hop Artist P Trapp Has a New Album Dubbed “P Federal” Birthed From His Own Incarceration Experiences


P-Trapp is a hip-hop artist who plies his own matchless route, proving that there are indeed levels to this game. A complete emcee who is bridging the gap between the two rap generations, he has been a rap star to watch out for over the years with his limitless versatility being demonstrated every time he gets hold of the mic and has something to say.

For those who don’t know his journey, it was no walk in the park as he occasionally found himself on the wrong side of the law, survived being shot five times, and was indicted for gun trafficking. P-Trapp did two state bids in South Carolina, and his federal time was in Georgia, in a facility called Robert A Deyton. He is an artist on Black HollyHood Entertainment, a label that recognizes and nurtures raw talent.

His new album, “P Federal” was actually inspired by his incarceration experiences, as he lyrically takes the listener on the journey of someone who simply refused to break despite facing back-to-back tumultuous experiences.

In “Elevation” featuring guest stars Twaun Dawn and Gabriel Wheeler, P-Trapp lyrically demonstrates why he is the next Grammy holder with that thought-provoking lyrical masterclass over the delightfully charming beats that have that old school R&B vibe. The irresistible hooks and impassioned singing make this a tempting anthem.

“God in my Eyes” featuring Ras Indigo, takes you back to summertime in the 90s. With his hip hop vibrant voice, P-Trapp captures the listener’s mind with that ear worming performance over the hypnotic beats that really haunt the listener even when they are not listening to this banger. At its core, this tune also has an unforgettable chorus.

“Crazy” features that warmly familiar sampled beat off of 2 Pac’s “Dear Mama” single, with P-Trapp stamping his indelible signature all over this performance in a way that highlights his songwriting virtuosity and performance panache.

In “Clearview” featuring Haitan Pop, P-Trapp breaks away from the quintessential old school vibe to a more modern trap vibe with his thought-inspiring observations that invoke emotions from a listener.

In “Slide”, P-Trapp displays his knack for painting vivid pictures with words; through the use of visual metaphors, analytical wordplay, and freakish cadences, transporting the listener into a world of his creation.

P-Trapp has really mastered the hip-hop and rap arts; the way he manages to come harder with tracks that ooze charisma, raw talent, and deserved acclaim is why you deserve to listen to this project in its entirety without skipping a single track.

Follow the attached link and let “P Federal” infuse your listening days from this day forth!

For more updates on P-Trapp’s works as a musician, follow him on his Instagram page and don’t let him off of your radar even for a mere second!


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