Featured: Artist Bakr Alhashemi’s new Classical Ballad “Don’t Go Back”

Bakr Alhashemi

Jukebox Times is today featuring artist Bakr Alhashemi’s new single. It is titled Don’t Go Back and is a splendid Classical Ballad. Bakr Alhashemi is an Iraqi recording artist, singer-songwriter, music composer, and virtuosic sound engineer! The ballads that he creates are emotional with melodies that are truly stunning and with well-executed vocals that drench the listener with his evocative nature. The spark that his music ignites is enigmatic too as it takes one to unique musical spaces!

With back-to-back powerful releases, he is slowly carving a following of his own on social media. Also, the artist interacts on social media regarding his music. Bakr as an artist signifies hard work, persistence and dedication! And that is clearly visible in his work too.

His new single Don’t Go Back is now available on YouTube and has a contemporary touch with ingenious tonality. The guitars are brilliant and add to that the piano work that is riveting. Another remarkable aspect of the single is its breathtaking arrangement. Truly, the powerful single takes the listeners and cajoles them to listen to it again and again.

In fact, the official music video is sublime and quite phenomenal. The vocals are simple yet effective and aptly convey the surreal melody amazingly well. Also, the male vocals create a distinct vibrancy with that Arabic-like language that is wonderful!

Do check the official video of the single here:

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