Exclusive: Zigg Theartist’s upcoming album “23 The Goat Year”

zigg theartist

Anticipation, that is one word to describe “23 The Goat Year” album by Philadelphia’s own Zigg Theartist. We have been paying close attention and Zigg has stood by the words he told us leading up to this release which were “Its all or nothing”. After a lengthy lay off due to an unfortunate car crash, Theartist was sidelined for a few months forcing him to lock in and write some of the best music he has ever written before. “23 The Goat Year” shows the growth of Theartist in the lyricism and creativity within every record. Zigg also mentioned to us that he produced all but two songs on this album. With knowing and listening to his previous projects we can say we are not surprised. Zigg has set himself apart from the other rising stars by his ability to do a number of things such as, write his own lyrics, produce his own beats, and record mix and master his tracks. This highly anticipated album is set to release February 10th 2023 and let us be the first to say, THIS IS A CLASSIC.

Zigg Theartist

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