Exclusive: King aka The One Musical King’s splendid new album “Eon Mind”

King Eon Mind

An up and coming artist “King” aka “The One Musical King” released an album “Eon Mind” back in November 11th of 2021.  It packs quite a profound and different sound from what you’re used to. The album release included 12 songs,  which were Rap, RnB, and like genres. If it’s something along your lines then you can listen to the album if you  search “King – Eon Mind” on all music platforms worldwide. “King” is an immigrant from Lithuania (Europe) that  moved to the United States at the age of 11. Ever since he moved, his love for music grew more than anything.

From making beats to learning to write lyrics, rap, and sing. Taking on music on a more serious note since 2018 he finally released his first album, with many more to come.

Here are some of King’s links:

As well as find him on Socials if you search:

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