Exclusive Interview with Alexinus: Revealing producing process and future plans


Jukebox Times got a chance to interview Music Producer Alexinus. In this interview, the readers can expect to get an exclusive insight into the mind and experiences of Alexinus. We will also delve into his creative process, inspirations, challenges, and aspirations. It will offer an opportunity to learn about his background, his artistic journey, and his perspective on his latest single!

Q. First of all, welcome! How are you doing?

Very good thanks, hope you’re well too.

Q. Your latest single Bittersweet is wonderful! Please share with us how you came across the idea for this single.

Glad you like it! Thank you, that’s great to hear. I came across the idea of Bittersweet a time ago while playing some chords on my laptop and I had some immediate inspiration about the lyrics, that in my opinion are always a way to tell a story in a song. So I decided to record a demo of it and day by day develop it until the whole project was done, it took me so long as I paused myself from producing for something like a year because of health reasons.

Q. What exactly is the creative process that you follow while making your music?

I don’t have a specific creative process when I start a project, sometimes I start with a beat idea, sometimes with a melody, and it can be some vocals, it depends as the creative process is so varied and the ideas are so many so I think I almost never start from the same process and I go into it in a different way every time depending on the idea I have.

Q. What motivates you and what inspires you in your life?

Everything that makes me happy motivates me or listening to famous artists which I admire trying to reach their same level and techniques so they push me to do more, when I listen to some albums I can listen so many times until I learn how to make that specific sound that I didn’t know before. I also like to collaborate and share sounds and skills with other artists for sure, it inspires me to think about how the final idea will sound by mixing more styles.

Q. What lies ahead for you in the coming years? What next? Any collaboration plans with other artists?

I’m planning to release a lot of music I made recently for now as I kept it stuck on my laptop for a really long time and can’t wait to share it. I have collaborations in the making, yeah and they are a few so there will be releases of both singles and collaborations.

Q. Lastly, do you have any closing thoughts that you would like to share with the world and our readers?

I definitely want to say about producing to everyone to make your own sounds and style, don’t leave an idea if you think it doesn’t sound like everyone else’s music or like your favorite artists. If it doesn’t sound like other songs that doesn’t mean it doesn’t sound good or the public will not like it, if it sounds different is probably the best thing as it’s not made by someone else and it defines you as an artist.

Also thank you Jukebox for this interview, hope to do more anytime, and thanks to everyone for the support on my new track “Bittersweet”!

About the artist: Alexinus is an electronic music producer from Italy

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