Exclusive: Independent Artist Cody LeDoux to drop his new EP soon!

Cody LeDoux

Upcoming Independent singer Cody LeDoux is making his way to success in the music game. Cody started making music as a way of expressing emotions. “I was going through a breakup and needed to vent. I always looked at music as a way to express emotions and stories and it helps other people that relate to getting through everything. You’re never alone.”

Cody LeDoux started music just in January 2021 with his first release “Insecurity”. Cody LeDoux is from Sacramento, California. He makes pop music & currently has 2 singles out on Spotify. Cody has an upcoming EP coming out soon be sure to keep your eyes out. “I’ve got so many plans. I have this upcoming EP and then another EP(or an album, depending on where I’m at). I want to do some shows. I think that’s my big next step.”

Be sure to stay tuned, Cody has plans to release a song within the next month. “I’m dropping a song next month. It’ll be followed up by another song or two, all apart from an ep. And then the EP will drop around June. I’ve got some amazing features and I’m nervous yet excited about releasing it.”

You can check out Cody LeDoux on Spotify:


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