Exclusive: Check out JBlanked’s single “Lost Ones”


Jukebox Times is today featuring the new single by artist JBlanked. It is titled Lost Ones and is a phenomenal song with enthralling beats and subdued melodic tones that are quite effective in creating an elegant vibe. Following up with his riveting and hit song Run No Game, the new single is part of his new album CLARITY. The single certainly allure the listener in an uncanny manner through its gripping composition. JBlanked has utilized a variety of tones and textures that generate a thrilling and energetic vibe. The swing feel of scintillating synths and power-packed vocals produces an immersive listening experience.

Overall, the song brims with a discrete artistic expression of JBlanked. Albeit, when the featured artist are Jackie Spade, Jerrod Azaad and Ana Celeste then it is clear what the artists are trying to achieve with this song – an indelible musical experience for music lovers!

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About the artist: JBlanked is an American Hip Hop producer-songwriter born in Lynchburg, Virginia and raised in Greensboro/High Point, North Carolina. Artists/producers such as Mac Miller, J. Cole, and J Dilla are pure inspiration to him. His unique timbre creates a compelling atmosphere in all of his music. Besides making instrumentals, he is also an audio engineer, artist, and graduate from Full Sail University.

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