BiggOne Biggum’s sublime new single “Astonish” (Explicit Content)

BiggOne Biggum

Jukebox Times is today featuring artist BiggOne Biggum’s music. His new single is titled Astonish and is a stunning musical extravaganza. We got a special sneek peek (or shall we say sneak listen!) into his single and were amazed by the sheer dynamism of unique structures ingrained in it. The intro totally cajoled us right away and allured us! The scintillating tonality is quite refreshing and certainly distinct. Add to that BiggOne Biggum’s brilliant and unconventional yet captivating delivery! His vocal tone is spectacular and extremely vibrant.

Another remarkable aspect of the single is that we did find the signature “BiggOne sound” that we heard in his previous hits such as Imperial Beach and Never Losing!

Overall it is a sublime single and is now streaming on major music streaming services!

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