Big O and Tranzformer’s new LP “The Art of Duplexity” is surreal and sublime!

The Art of Duplexity Big O

Jukebox Times is today featuring the new LP by award-winning producer Big O in collaboration with Tranzformer. It is titled The Art of Duplexity and comprises tracks titled Dream Walkin’, Blast Off, Cake Mode, Lost in the crates and many more splendid tracks. The LP starts with Dream Walkin’ which sets the tone of the album. With scintillating arrangement and refreshing tonality, the single enthralls us. Blast Off is another perennial track with evocative beats. Whereas, Celestial Sphere has that noteworthy Big O sound implanted with beats that cajole us. The melodic tones are spectacular that evoke a calm vibe. Lastly, the album ends with Lost in the crates by Tranzformer which is an irresistible track due to its congenial arrangement.

Big O

Overall, the LP is wonderful and the tracks will be added to multiple playlists across the globe!



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