Featured artist: Ash Daynha, a multi-genre producer from the Netherlands

Ash Daynha

Achraf El Khouani better known as ”Ash Daynha” is a multi-genre producer from the Netherlands. He has been making music since he was 12.

After participating in national competitions such as the semifinals of the radio 538 demo duel, he combined his artistic skills with a theater study.

Here he has been able to further develop his passion for music and collaborates with international artists such as ”Lil Eddie”.

After releasing his latest album ”No Rush” in 2021, he will release a special album this year called ”Take You With Me”. This album has different designs such as: love, loss, self pride. The album contains Pop tracks with dance elements and US trap music.

Follow his journey on instagram to hear a sneak peak.

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Listen to No Rush here.


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