Artist Big O is back with a stunning album titled “Journey Of Choices (An Awakening Mind)” in collaboration with L.O.U.

Journey Of Choices (An Awakening Mind)

Jukebox Times is today sharing the new album by artists Big O and L.O.U. Known for his albums like The Complexity and The Mind’s Mirror, Big O did surprise music lovers and his fans with his new album Journey Of Choices (An Awakening Mind) in collaboration with artist L.O.U. Both artists collaborated in 2017 on the album The South Side of Things.

The intro song itself (Journey of Choices) is captivating and prepares the listeners about what the album entails! Depression on the 18th is an emotional rollercoaster altogether. The exquisite piano part did enthrall us! Whereas The Preordained is a marvelous musical piece in the album. The melodic tones are intriguing whereas the delivery by L.O.U. is remarkable.


The signature “Big O” sound of stimulating rhythm sections and melodic connotations are subtly ingrained in the album. Do listen to the track Shellz and imbibe the powerful storytelling with intense delivery by L.O.U.

Overall, it is a wonderful album and it seems the artists are offering exquisite tone with an eloquence dipped in music which is generally hard to achieve! The album is definitely rollicking and is currently streaming on major music streaming services.

Big O

About the artists: Queens, New York rapper L.O.U. & Award-winning Producer Big O join forces again to release their new collaboration album, “Journey Of Choices (An Awakening Mind).” This is their first album together since their 2017 album “The South Side of Things.” L.O.U. is one such artist that epitomizes the essence of the modern era. A multi-talented vocalist and Rapper born and raised in South Side Jamaica Queens, N.Y. L.O.U is an acronym for” Let’s Obliterate the Universe” and he makes music that is thoughtful, conscious and driven by a desire to motivate, inspire, comfort, spread love & joy to all those that hear it. He appeared on Big O’s 2019 “Now You See Me” EP & they also recorded their first album “The South Side of Things” in 2017. In 2021, Big O won “Producer of the Year” at the Insanely Gifted Awards in Austin, Texas.

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