Another Summer: The new album by Johan Davis

Johan Davis

Hi guys, I’m Johan Davis, your favourite DJ and music producer and I’m back with “Another Summer”.

This album was created from the collaboration and the personal interpretation of the original track “Summer Again” by artists from all around the world.

The album title is “Another Summer” and it contains 4 acoustic version related to my previous single: “Summer Again”.

“Summer Again” had a good following and some spontaneous acoustic covers sprung up on social media. I enjoyed its effect, after all the song is played on the piano. I have contacted a few musicians from all around the world since I wanted to listen to various personal interpretations of the track. I have noticed a great enthusiasm towards the project and, in the end, I have selected the 4 versions that made me feel more emotions.

Every track has unique characteristics and my role has a different impact depending on what I wanted to convey with the music.

Eros Mix is my first track, the original voice of “Summer Again” is accompanied by a clear and delicate round of piano. The voice is familiar to those who know the song, but it touches different scales, creating a more intimate and sensual version to leave more space for emotions.

Going on with Storge Mix, probably the track on which my personal touch is more present. The version combines the elegance of the piano to the instrumental rhythms typical of the Tropical genre, recreating a more familiar sound without distorting the project.

Agape Mix is the track that you would not expect. An acoustic guitar riff and a melancholic voice create the perfect atmosphere to feel reassured and at peace with the world. The words seem to come straight from the heart, the guitar fills the silence of thoughts and listening feels a bit like dreaming.

The Philia Mix closes the album in the most classic, simple and clean way possible. “Summer Again” concludes its cycle just as it began: on piano. An elegant tiptoe exit, almost as if not wanting to leave completely, ready to start again.

Johan Davis

“Summer Again” is a sweet and sad song that deals with the theme of love and the despair of those who lose it. Therefore, I wanted to associate each track with a different form of Greek love. The versions change, but you can only listen to “Summer Again” with your heart.

This album will be a nice way to bring my audience to a different genre, but it will also be challenging to propose my musical style to new listeners with different tastes.

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