Amarrai Cabell has signed a new merchandise + physical distribution deal worth up to 100k

Amarrai Cabell

Amarrai Cabell has sent waves through the music industry in a short time he caught the eyes of scooter Braun and Nigel Egrari last year signing with their company Moment House. The artist and his star-studded BHD factory label/collective make their own rules and he doesn’t believe in performing because of his anxiety and you won’t see him dancing for Tik Tok trends he sets them. He edits his own music videos and cover artwork for him and his artist’s projects on his label. He’s worked very hard to get here. His last single Come home to me with Ernie Halter six months ago has accumulated over one million streams across all platforms. We should see new vinyl and CDs on his website by April or May.

He is now giving away one dollar stickers on his website to celebrate!

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