The Favorite Tape: A splendid EP by Spence Didd!

Spence Didd

Jukebox Times is today sharing an exclusive piece of news about artist Spence Didd. He has released a new EP titled The Favorite Tape. It comprises stunning tracks titled Intro (Faded), Favorite, Greatest and many more amazing songs. Intro (Faded) starts with engaging guitars and evocative vocals of Spence Didd. The enthralling aspect of the song is its phenomenal blend of powerful beats and distinct melody. Another marvelous track in the album is Favorite (Our favorite too!). The subtle and subdued melodic tones mesmerized us. Also, the arrangement is wonderful too.

Overall, Spence Didd amazed us, dazed us and above all has showcased a spectacular artistic talent in his new EP. It seems the artist has a lot to offer for music lovers. And truly with such exquisite music, he is going to be an artist to watch out for sure!

Keep an eye on this space for future updates about Spence Didd’s music.

About the artist: Born in Gonaives Haiti , raised in South Florida Spence Didd has found a way to create a unique and distinctive style that only he can deliver.

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