The Bobby Tenderloin Universe Making Waves with Latest Track That’s All I’m Sayin’

The Bobby Tenderloin Universe

If you haven’t yet heard of The Bobby Tenderloin Universe, where have you been?! This Canadian country group is a breath of fresh air in the country scene, and the music scene more widely. We’ve never quite heard something like this before. Their fresh take on country music, tinged with nostalgia, doubt and tongue-in-cheek humour, is not to be missed. Skilled musicianship and song craftmanship is at the forefront of everything they do, so you can expect songs that linger long after hearing. The Bobby Tenderloin Universe is a band, a community and a movement, but most of all, it’s an excuse to don your western wear and give yourself over to the song and dance at the heart of every BTU show.

On the origins of this latest single, Bobby explains:

“One day my buddy, Toothpick, sent me a guitar riff she recorded on her phone. Later that week, I was mowing the lawn with the riff in my head, and the next thing I knew, the whole story came to me in the form of lyrics and melodies and ‘That’s All I’m Sayin’ came to life. I believe the song conveys a specific type of innocence and naivety that most boys have experienced in one way or another. On occasion, I’ve even seen it in grown men, lol.”BOBBY TENDERLOIN

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