Stephen Piazza Steps Out With His New Heart-Rending Single, “Washed Away”

Stephen Piazza

Jukebox Times is today featuring the new track by artist Stephen Piazza. Released worldwide on August 22, Washed Away is a phenomenal song brimming with an exquisite vibe. With a scintillating arrangement that evokes inspiration, the single certainly has a cajoling aspect ingrained in it. The captivating lyricism makes it a wonderful song to listen to, bringing forth a vivid picture of the artist’s personal experience too. The spellbinding composition is a distinct asset of Washed Away that we don’t get to listen to in the contemporary and popular musical realm of the current era. When compared to Stephen’s other notable songs, Washed Away feels like his rawest rendition as far as expressing his inner emotional quotient is concerned. However, the signature sonic variety that we find in Stephen’s music is definitely there, and add to that his signature surreal vocal nuances that are enchanting and mesmerizing.

This beautiful single is now streaming on major music streaming platforms. Make sure to check out the accompanying visuals via YouTube. 

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