Over Certified AKA OC™️ 2023 Rising Artist of the Year delivers with his hit single “Deep”

Over Certified AKA OC

Over Certified AKA OC™️ dominated the New Year with his explosive new hit single entitled “Deep”. Born and raised in Chicago, Over Certified AKA OC™️ was influenced by the genius musical culture and climate that is responsible for his famous Chi-town sound

“Deep” delivers dope lyrics over banging beats with an infusion of exciting energy layered under sexy vocals. Over Certified AKA OC™️ scores with his signature sound, highlighted by heart pounding vocal skills and a chill neo classical musical composition.

Over Certified AKA OC™️ is a certified contribution to the culture and with just one listen to his new hit of the year “Deep” I was hooked. This song is contagious, hypnotic with subliminal symbolism that hits deep and ignites the dopamine pleasure receptors in the brain.

Over Certified AKA OC™️ found his home in the hearts of his Hometown Chicago on the popular Fierce Female Radio Network certifying “Deep” as an instant classic.

Following a fantastic single debut, “Deep” landed number nine on the Urban Fiire Chart after heavy rotation on the BMS Radio Chicago Network.

This fan favorite, genre defying musical muse has seduced listener’s in to voting for him to be named Just Fame Magazines 2023 Rising Artist of The Year.

This poetic song is stimulating and before you’re even done beholding the sweet, smooth as silk soulful sounding vocals of Over Certified AKA OC™️, the rhythm hits your ears captivatingly and the vocals lusciously slink over the evocative beats that blends rock and blues euphorically into a harmonious tone carried by this ingratiating male vocalist making “Deep” a breath taking listening experience.

Follow the link to listen to the 2023 Rising Artist of the Year, Over Certified AKA OC™️ new hit single “Deep”.

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