Lutfia has recently dropped a new, exciting EP: So Much For Summer


Luftia’s songs are honest, direct, and so easy to relate to. Her debut EP happens to be a fantastic first taste of what I am talking about, as it serves as a wonderful introduction to what this massively talented young singer is all about. The six songs on the EP deal with various topics, including heartbreak, trying to find confidence and self-worth in this difficult world, and generally looking for love, not only from others, but also for oneself. The songs are beautifully written, and there is just so much emotion defining the stunning nuances of every tracks. From playful indie-pop numbers, to soulful and minimalistic ballads driven by the piano and Lutfia’s intimate, deep voice, anything goes. The EP has something to offer for basically every mood, as there are slower, moody songs such as “Just A Stranger,” as well as playful and fun numbers such as “City Of Angels” or the excellent opener, “DiCaprio Quality,” one of the best on the EP!



Do not miss out on Lutfia’s most recent debut EP, So Much For Summer.

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